Joshua- 4 months

Joshua- 4 months
March 9, 2010

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Neonatologist updated us this morning and stated the following:

  • The blood transfusion went well last night without any negative reactions.
  • He has started to urinate this morning. (due to blood transfusion)
  • He is still consider stable but critical until the 48-72 hrs time period.
  • The surgery is still schedule for Friday, unless he is put on ECMO or any other complications occur.
  • The ventilator is giving him 50 % oxygen and 40 beats per minute (BPM). (compare to 60 bpm yesterday)This numbers change hourly, it just depends on many different factors.


    For anyone who plans on visiting Melissa and would like to save a few bucks you can park at the "Brown Surface Lot" located right between Braeswood and Old Spanish Trail. You may enter this lot through either street. Please know, this parking lot is off site and away from the hospital however there is a Metro bus running throughout the day/evening for workers and visitors. The ride is free and very short with St. Luke's being one of the first few stops. To be certain, just let the driver know where you are heading to and he will let you know which stop is the correct one. Once you get off the bus, You will see MD Anderson to the right corner and St. Lukes to the left corner.

    Directions to the Brown Lot:
    -Take 610 exit Fannin make a Right..
    -Head down to Old Spanish Trail (about 4-5 lights)..make a Right.
    **Since this lot is on the edge of hte Med Ctr, I highly recommend coming through 610 rather than 59 (or take 59 onto 288 south onto 610. It will allow you to avoid the lights/traffic/madness down Fannin**
    -Parking lot will be on your left hand side. You can't miss it.
    -As you enter, drive all the way through to the very last sectioned lot on your left. All other sections are contract parking only.
    -When catching the bus make sure you wait at the bus stop on the opposite side of the street from where you parked.
    -Bus will drop you off at the corner of Bates and Bertner. Just follow the sidewalk to your left down Bates St. and you will arrive at the entrance closest to the Yellow elevators.

    Parking Rates:
    1-4 hours = $1
    4-6 hours = $2
    6-8 hours = $4
    8-24 hrs = $6

    Hope this information is useful for you all!

  2. So glad to hear the transfusion went well. You're my little soldier Joshy..Tia loves you!! God Bless you baby boy..

  3. Magaly said...

    He is so beautiful Melissa! I'm sorry I can't visit being that I'm in SA, but my prayers go out to you and Joshua. I am very happy to hear the transfusion went well, & that you were able to hold his little hand.

    Stay strong for Friday's surgery BABY JOSHUA.
    Muah baby *

  4. So glad to hear the transfusion went well and Meli got to meet her sweet boy. We are still praying for baby Joshua. He's a strong little boy and he will do just fine on Friday! Soon all this will be a distant memory. Continue staying strong and trusting in the Lord.
    We love you'll
    Daddy is doing a great job documenting everything!

  5. we are praying for little joshua and are hoping that his surgery goes well and that he will be home soon. the babies pictures are awesome!