Joshua- 4 months

Joshua- 4 months
March 9, 2010

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sometimes you might hear a mom here and there complain about babies being fussy all the time and wanting to be carried all day. You might even hear them complain about how they are not able to get any work done etc.

I am a first time mom and so far from my experience all I can say is please enjoy the time you have holding your baby. Even if it's because they are screaming there heads off and just wanting attention. It might not be the best time for baby to be acting up and crying and wanting to be held but for someone like me we have to take advantage of the time we are able to hold our babies in our arms.

After 23 days of Joshua joining us in this world I FINALLY GOT TO HOLD MY BABY! Last night between 11:00 and midnight the nurse on duty said it would be okay to try to hold him.

I have a couple of days in my life that I could call the best days of my life (Day my baby was born, Day I found out we were pregnant, Day I married the love of my life) But I can honestly say out of all those days this was no doubt THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

It's one thing to have your baby then have the nurses hand your baby over to you in the delivery room so you could hold, hug, kiss and then take baby home. But it's another thing to have your baby in the delivery room and only be able to have a peek for a second before they take him away. Then not being able to HOLD your baby until almost a month after he was born. So........ yes I can call this The Best Day Of My Life!

So if you ever hear me complain about Joshua crying and wanting to be held, just give me a little reminder! LOL

Joshy's Mommy


  1. Melissa, what you wrote was just so touching. While reading this I was listening to Ave Maria with Josh Groban and made me teary eyed. I just wish great things continue to happen. Healing kisses for Joshua.

    Jess Bravo

  2. I hear you loud and clear Melissa!

  3. AWWW...Melissa you made me cry. I am happy you finally got to hold your precious baby.

  4. Melly, I am here at work and what u said just touched me so much u made me cry. I'm so happy u finally held your miracle baby. I know u will never forget the BEST DAY EVER! I will certainly remind u when Joshy is about 3 and has one of his tantrums.
    Luv Always,

    ~Cuz Veronica~