Joshua- 4 months

Joshua- 4 months
March 9, 2010

Thursday, December 24, 2009

No major reflux!

Joshua was very exhausted after his Upper GI exam. He didn't show any signs of having major symptoms of stomach reflux. He will not need any medication and will continue to bottle feed twice a day. We are waiting for the exact day Joshua will be going to the operating room to input his G-tube. The sooner he gets the G-tube, the sooner he comes home.

The doctors reminded us the importance of having Joshua away from crowds and other children due to germs. They said to keep up with the NICU rules by washing hands, using hands sanitizer and to limit the visitors.

Joshua continues to drink an average of 30cc a day and is almost 8lb!! He is very alert and will recognize daddy and mommy's voices.

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  1. As he gets older I can see Jose in him now. Joshua has beat the odds. What a special boy. Hope to see you soon Joshua.