Joshua- 4 months

Joshua- 4 months
March 9, 2010

Monday, December 21, 2009

Surgery # 2...

Joshua is going to get a G-tube (Gastric feeding tube) before he goes home. The surgery has been ordered, we are now waiting for them to assign a date. It will take at least 5 days to heal, the nurses will train us on how to use and maintain it from not getting infected. The G-tube is not permanent but is needed till he is able to consume his total daily bottle feed on his own. They will also have to train us on how to use his breathing treatment and measure/insert medications (sodium,lasik). Joshua has a couple of other tests that has to be done before he can go home, so we still have no idea how much longer he will be at TCH.

The good news is that his right lung has improved but they will continue to keep an eye on it. He also passed his hearing test and is digesting his food very well.


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